The Radio Wayne Awards were named for Wayne Cornils, a man whose passion and devotion to the radio industry he thought more should emulate. Wayne’s career spanned decades across many facets of the industry, most especially sales, marketing, and management. He spent time as a local broadcaster and also served with the Radio Advertising Bureau. 

When Wayne was diagnosed with cancer, Radio Ink Founder and CEO, Eric Rhoads, wanted to make sure that Wayne’s legacy of professionalism would live on in others. And because Wayne came from the sales and marketing side of the industry, Eric also felt this was a fitting opportunity to recognize the other side of the radio station. It’s the one that does not usually bring home the coveted prizes but can be just as creative as programming. It’s the side that keeps not only stations but retail and other storefronts, brick-and-mortar and online, in business day after day with innovative, well-crafted marketing partnerships. Why not create recognition that celebrates the sellers, the managers, and the marketers in radio with an award named for one of the best, Wayne Cornils?  

And in that spirit, the Radio Ink Radio Wayne Awards were born in 1992. 

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