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Here’s a look at what was covered in 2022:

September 22

8:00-11:00AM   Exhibit setup

11:30AM-1PM    Registration (Exhibit Area)

1:00-1:15PM       Opening Remarks:
Deborah Parenti, Radio Ink
Matt Sunshine, CSS

1:15-2:00PM    Keynote: Matt Britton, “Innovation at the Speed of Sound”
The radio and audio industries have seen a massive wave of disruptions and innovations since the onset of the global pandemic. As the world resets and looks toward the future amid continued economic uncertainty, what recent evolutions will remain true and what previous trends will experience radio silence?  Globally renowned consumer trend expert Matt Britton will dive deep into where we’ve been over the past two years, the landscape for 2023, and what emerging trends might be bubbling just beneath our feet. Be sure to tune in!

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2:00-2:45PM    What Is Prospecting in 2022?
Prospecting has changed, and technology, for all its merits, has also made getting to the person who can say “yes” more challenging than ever. With many people working remotely, dropping by an office is not always an option today, whether you are a local, national, or network rep. It takes a whole new skill set to get through the red tape of voicemail, email, and texts. Once you get through the technology and gatekeepers, the time you have to make an impression and engage the prospect is short.  You’ll leave this session with new tools, tactics, and a framework for researching a prospect, positioning your value to the prospect, asking for a meeting, and contracting for next steps. Bring the name of a prospect you are trying to meet with — we will even pick a few of you out of the audience and apply these principles to your business opportunities.  
Presenter: Michael Doyle, the “MD” at MD Media Sales

2:45-2:50PM   “3 Tools Every Broadcaster Can Use to Grow Revenue and Retain Clients”
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Paul Cramer, Managing Director/Enterprise Broadcast Solutions, Veritone

Paul Cramer

2:50-3:30PM  Balancing Digital and Spot Sales — How to Increase Both
It can be a fine balancing act. Increasingly, clients want your digital platforms but shy away from your broadcast assets. And you have a budget for both. In juggling multiple stations, digital offerings, events, and other platforms, how do you make sure that all assets are being adequately presented and maximized? And how do you position all for consideration and inclusion, especially if you are working with national and network clients who can’t get the market vibe for the station’s platform? Our experts have the tips and tricks that will help you do it.
Moderator: John Campanario, SVP/Digital Media & Brand Communications, AURN
Daryl Hively, Founder, Guarantee Digital
Jay Mulligan, General Sales Manager, Beasley Media Group/Tampa
Vanita Thompson, Digital Sales Manager, Howard University Radio Network
Joe Weir, SVP/Digital Media, Cox Media Group 

John Campanario
Daryl Hively
Jay Mulligan
Vanita Thompson
Joe Weir

3:30-4:10PM   Radio and The Auto Dash — The Road Ahead
Radio and automotive have enjoyed a strong relationship over the years. And thanks to rapidly evolving technology, today’s dashboard can display much more than just a dial position — or even a station logo and song title. More likely than not, it’s a full screen lit up with endless possibilities and enhanced opportunities that can add up to new revenue streams and creative marketing options. This session will offer a roadmap for the future of radio and the dashboard.
Moderator: Paul Jacobs, VP/General Manager, Jacobs Media 
Joe D’Angelo, SVP, Radio & Digital Audio, Xperi
Tina Murley, CRO, Beasley Media Group

Steve Newberry, CEO, Quu

Paul Jacobs
Joe D'Angelo
Tina Murley
Steve Newberry

4:10-4:50PM  Radio Works for Advertisers!
Join RAB’s Erica Farber and a panel of top sellers and managers to understand how they superserve their local and national clients alike and leverage radio’s assets to provide effective ROI and an unparalleled connection to consumers.  Walk away with some tips and ideas that can help your clients thrive.
Moderator: Erica Farber, CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau
Alysa DiSanto, General Sales Manager, Audacy/Philadelphia
Tim Kolling, Marketing Consultant, Alpha Media/Topeka, KS
Carolina Patino, General Sales Manager, Spanish Broadcasting System/Miami

Erica Farber
Alysa DiSanto
Tim Kolling
Carolina Patino

 2x Grammy-nominated and BMI award winning singer-songwriter Elsten Torres

Presented by BMI

5:00–5:30PM  Radio Wayne Awards
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Presenters: Steve Newberry, CEO, Quu
Deborah Parenti, President/Publisher, Radio Ink

5:30-7:00PM    Cocktail Reception
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Spanish Broadcasting System//Aire Network
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September 23

7:45-8:30AM Continental Breakfast
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Spanish Broadcasting System//Aire Network

8:30-9:00AM  Why Compliance MattersDriving Revenue Through Ad Accountability
A pivotal conversation from all sides of the industry about compliance — from client expectations to its impact on radio’s bottom line. In this session, we sit down with experts from a local, network, and agency perspective to discuss the important role compliance plays in radio’s present and future. This is a must-have conversation discussing how accurate and timely compliance is a vital part of everyone’s economic growth.
Moderator: Maria Laing, Senior Vice President, Mr. Master
Clark Logan, President, HRN Media Network
Ron Stone, President/CEO, Adams Radio Group

Maria Laing
Clark Logan
Ron Stone

9:00-9:30AM    Generating Sales Leads
Finding good, qualified sales prospects is harder than ever before, especially in a time-strapped world when every minute needs to be constructive. How do you pinpoint the best prospects for improved conversion rates and a higher closing ratio? Get ready to take notes on what you need to know about how to build, grow, and retain accounts that will spend today and tomorrow.
Dani Buckley, VP/GM, LeadG2

9:30-10:10:AM Keynote: Roy Williams
“How to Make a LOT More Selling Radio Than You’re Making Now” 
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10:10-10:30AM  Break
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10:30-11:00AM PLAYING FOR DOLLARS: Part One
The Power of Sports Sponsorships

It’s a touchdown with listeners and it rings true with sponsors, too. There is nothing that stirs a greater connection with consumers than a sports event, and there is no bigger sports event than football. Matt Sunshine, Managing Partner at the Center for Sales Strategy, sits down for a one on one chat with one of sports marketing’s best, Judd Norris, SVP of Corporate Sponsorships for the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee, who shares his experiences and expertise in the world of corporate sports sponsorships and how that can translate to radio station event sales and marketing.

Matt Sunshine
Judd Norris

11:00-11:45AM  PLAYING FOR DOLLARS: Part Two
The Power of Listener Engagement — From Concert Jammin’ in the Park to Food Festivals and Marathon Runs
Whether a concert in the park, a festival in the city, or a tailgate party before the hometown takes to the field, events are big business. And after being hard hit during the pandemic, events are back in force — and bigger and better than ever. It’s that local feel that comes with events — and the ability to capture and translate that feeling has always been one of radio’s greatest assets. Stations that tap into and capitalize on it are richly rewarded — and Joe Bell, VP/Market Manager for Beasley Media Group/Philadelphia, taps into some of the richest resources in radio and event marketing.
Moderator: Joe Bell, VP/Market Manager, Beasley Media Group/Philadelphia
Von Freeman, Director/Brand Sponsorship of Corporate Events and Experiences, Audacy

Lisa Goldberg, Florida Director of Sales, JVC Broadcasting

Von Freeman
Lisa Goldberg

11:45-11:50AM How to Make More Money with Concerts
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Spanish Broadcasting System//Aire Network

Albert Rodriguez, President/COO, Spanish Broadcasting System

Albert Rodriguez

1:15-1:25PM Entertainment

Grammy Award-winning BMI artist Kika Pulido

Kika Pulido

Presented by BMI


1:20-2:00PM       Excelling With DEI While Hiring the Best People
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Beasley Media Group logo

Diversity, equality, and inclusion. DEI has become an important tool in hiring, staffing, and managing. And it’s been proven time and again that the benefits of DEI extend beyond doing the right thing. Diversity in the workplace makes for a more productive, successful team and business. Deborah Barrett is an expert in the field, and she will share how DEI can improve your station’s ability to hire the brightest and best people.
Deborah H. Barrett, MBA, Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Consultant

Deborah Barrett

2:00-2:45PM       Great Copy Makes a Difference
Developing a great schedule is only part of the process. It takes great copy to really make the sale — where it counts — with the consumer! Too often, the spot is given less attention than the spot placement, programming the ad for failure. It’s especially true with local, direct business where the responsibility falls on the rep. What are the essential elements of good copy? This session will offer at least 5 points that will help improve copy and deliver a more compelling message.

Moderator: Jinny Laderer, Founder/President Emerita, vCreative
Yaman Coskun, Founder/CEO,Yamanair Creative
Gene Filiaci, Creative Director, Advantage Systems, Inc.
Josh Ryan, Creative Director, Zimmer Communications

Jinny Laderer
Yaman Coskun
Gene Filiaci

2:45-2:50PM      Grow Your Share of Wallet and Customer Loyalty with Digital
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Adcellerant logo

Elizabeth Bernberg, Sr. Director of Business Development, AdCellerant

Elizabeth Bernberg

2:50-3:10PM Break
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3:10-3:50PM       Organization: How Planning and Preparing Leads to Success
The most successful sports teams plan, prep, and practice. They hit the field ready for everything the other team might throw their way. And they have an air of being cool, calm, and collected. What’s your MO? This session examines how to better organize and manage time to achieve optimum success.
Jeanne-Marie Condo, President/Network Partnerships and CRO, Skyview Networks
Becky Byrn, SVP/Media Strategy, Veritone One
Tom O’Brien, President, Weather Group

Jeanne-Marie Condo
Becky Byrn
Tom O'Brien

3:50-4:20PM      Mindset for Sales Leaders
Leadership. The success — or failure — of any sales team starts at the top, where the inspiration, support, and dedication need to lead the way. It’s like a great general leading troops into battle. Streetfighters will follow great leaders. Their mindset matters. How do you develop sales leaders? How do you become one? Be prepared to be challenged and open to changing old habits and mindsets.
Presenter: Stephanie Downs, SVP, The Center for Sales Strategy

4:20-5:00PM      THE POWER OF HOW: A Manager’s Guide to Managing and Maximizing Digital Platforms
Digital. It’s an integral part of almost every station today. But how has radio’s expansive evolution into digital impacted AEs and the operating staff at their stations? New software applications for digital orders and distinctly separate workflows that can fulfill and execute on multi-platform campaigns take more time and add more layers of complexity to already crushing workloads in many cases. So how does a manager make sure that top line growth is not constrained or cancelled out by the operational and execution aspects of digital opportunities? How does a manager effectively keep all the balls in the air and the team focused on multiple disciplines?
Today you will hear from some of the best operators in the business who have been tasked with not only driving growth but solving HOW to integrate and reorganize the traditional business around this new world. They will share not only the tactical solutions, but the challenges they still face and their philosophy for navigating changes that are fundamentally disrupting, reshaping, and revitalizing our business.
Moderator: Susie Hedrick, CEO, vCreative
Jamie Cohen, SVP/Broadcast Digital, Salem Media Group
Ralph Renzi, VP/General Manager, Cox Media Group/Miami

Jennifer Williams, Director/Digital Media & Strategic Initiatives, Bonneville Digital

Jamie Cohen
Ralph Renzi
Jennifer Williams

5:10-5:15PM       Closing Remarks

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