It’s Time. To Rethink. Refresh. Refocus. 

This will be the third year for the Radio Masters Sales Summit. And we’ve made it easily accessible no matter where you live: Cincinnati Airport Marriott, September 10-11.

The Radio Masters Sales Summit was launched in 2022 to fulfill a need for a conference focused strictly on sales, sales marketing, and sales management. And the agenda is created to inform, educate, motivate, and inspire.

This is a conference dedicated to radio platforms (all of them), managers, and sellers, with lots of one-on-one opportunities for attendees to meet, chat, and share vision, ideas, and creative problem-solving concepts and concerns.

And the summit will feature the 32nd annual Radio Wayne Awards, recognizing radio’s top talent in sales, marketing, and management.

Join us September 10-11 for the Radio Masters Sales Summit. You’ll leave rethinking, refreshed, and refocused.

RMSS 2023 Photo Gallery

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Radio Masters Sales Summit Celebrated
The 2023 Radio Wayne Awards

See all the winners here!

Here’s a glimpse of who and what were in the spotlight at The Radio Masters Sales Summit.

Are You Ready For Change?

Join us at the Radio Masters Sales Summit this September to find out!

I’m super excited about The Radio Master Sales Summit in September. This sort of NEXT-level sales conference for the radio industry is needed as the business has clearly changed over the past few years.  The summit is about more than selling. It’s a Master Sales conference focused on hitting the key issues that top sales leaders and sales reps are facing each and every day. One that is focused on topics like lead generation, getting more appointments, selling digital, sales department structure, and leadership mindset, as well as hearing directly from some sales superstars in a superstar spotlight. The Radio Masters Sales Summit is exactly what is needed in 2022!!!!  This is guaranteed to be one of those conferences that you leave with lots of good ideas you can put into action right way and help you to drive revenue performance.”
Matt Sunshine
The Center for Sales Strategy


Leveraging Audience Analytics to Tell Your Story

How do you use your audience analytics?

There are the obvious applications: Highlight the numbers in media kits and sales presentations. Break out demographics on your station’s website.

The trouble with this approach is that it doesn’t tell your station’s story. It doesn’t show current and potential advertisers the relationship your on-air talent has with your audience or the power of your reach into the communities you serve.

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“Digitizing” Your Audience for Revenue Growth

Is your station streaming content on digital platforms?

Do you have effective tools for monetizing your digital audience?

If your answer to the second question is no … your station is losing money.

Want to turn your digital platform into a powerful revenue stream? Our Digitizing Your Audience panel at Radio Masters Sales Summit in Cincinnati will show you how!

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Driving Sales With Technology And Innovation

Trying to sell radio advertising without offering digital options? Don’t be surprised if your prospects’ ad dollars go to your tech-savvy competitors!

Or maybe you are trying to sell digital assets but suspect you could be getting better results. Either way, if you are selling radio advertising, you and your team need to be at our Driving Sales with Technology and Innovation panel from 11:00-11:45 AM on September 14 at the 2023 Radio Masters Sales Summit in Cincinnati.

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Gary Sandy Honored With Radio Wayne Influencer Award 

In September of 1978, WKRP in Cincinnati made its debut. Telling the story of an underdog AM station featuring everyone’s dream program director, Andy Travis (played by Gary Sandy), the show proved popular with the American public, provided one of the most enduring Thanksgiving episodes of all time, and encouraged many people to enter the radio profession.

Radio Ink is proud to announce the presentation of the first-ever Radio Wayne Influencer Award to Gary Sandy. Gary will attend the Radio Masters Sales Summit to receive his award!

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Radio Wayne Finalists Announced

Radio Ink is pleased to announce the finalists in the 31st Radio Wayne awards competition. These awards honor the very best sellers and managers who tirelessly champion the benefits of radio every day and were named for Wayne Cornils, a man whose passion and devotion to the radio industry Radio Ink Founder, Eric Rhoads, thought more should emulate.

Click here to see the finalists.

It’s Time for Radio to Lean Into Its Strengths

Roy Williams believes in radio, and he wants you to believe in radio, too.

After all, it’s a lot easier to sell something when you truly believe in it. If you do believe in radio, Roy’s Radio Masters Sales Summit session has a lot to offer you.

Fair warning: You’ll be challenged, and you’ll see some sacred cows sent to slaughter. As Roy himself says, “If you are easily offended and feel you have nothing to learn, please do not attend my session.”

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12 Essential Sale Habits Of Top Performing Media Sales Reps

It’s time to take stock of your sales toolbox.

Product knowledge? Check. Communication skills? Check. Negotiation abilities? Check.

How about sales habits?

Often overlooked, habits are behaviors  we perform automatically.

The first step in developing essential sales habits is knowing what they are. Join us in Cincinnati, September 13-14, for the second Radio Masters Sales SummitMatt Sunshine will share 12 winning sales habits and provide insights on how to cultivate these habits and enhance sales performance.

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Debunking Seven Sales Management Myths

If your organization isn’t meeting sales goals, it’s easy to point fingers at your team.

But your team isn’t to blame.

The real culprit is faulty leadership. Through their actions, many sales managers unknowingly undermine performance.

Fortunately, it’s possible to get things back on track!

Join us in Cincinnati, September 13-14, for the second Radio Masters Sales Summit, where iHeartMedia New York President Bernie Weiss will debunk seven sales management myths and show how thinking differently about these misconceptions can transform your sales force and yield better results.

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Take Your Sales Career To A Higher Level

Get ready to take your radio sales skills to the next level at the second annual Radio Masters Sales Summit, being held at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott on September 13-14 and presented by Radio Ink and The Center for Sales Strategy. This highly anticipated event brings together radio sales professionals from across the country for two days of expert-led sessions and engaging networking opportunities.

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